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We’re working on a new website to give you great information about our services, keep you updated on what else we’re up to and link you to a fantastic set of resources in your community.  If there’s anything you want to see on our site, let us know in the comment section below!

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The Octagon Community Acupuncture Team

Jorge Nunez

Dr. Jorge Nunez graduated as a veterinarian from the National University of Mexico City in 1989 and worked for the mounted police in Mexico City for five years.  While working in a refugee camp in Guatemala, he experienced the power and simplicity of acupuncture, which was being used as community healthcare in that remote environment.  This is where the idea of making Chinese medicine accessible for underserved communities first took seed.

He moved to the US and pursued a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS), where he is currently a Clinical Supervisor.

Dr. Nunez has maintained a practice for over 10 years in Oakland, treating both humans and animals.  He lives in the East Bay with his two children, who keep him on his toes, and is addicted to salsa dancing and chi gong.

Joe Davis

Joe Davis, a California State Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), herbalist, and Associate Professor at ACCHS, came to Chinese medicine via his study of the martial arts of Tai Chi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.  These subtle practices rely on the cultivation of relaxation and sensitivity to generate health and skill. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he subsequently traveled and lived in Asia, studying meditation, martial arts, yoga, and Chi Gong in Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and India.  Here he also witnessed Traditional Chinese medicine in public health settings, where it was being used to address the needs of large populations of people.

Returning to the States, he completed his Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS). He currently teaches didactic courses, as well as Tai Chi and Chi Gong, for the acupuncture program at his alma mater. He is certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) as an Acudetox Specialist, and has been an intern at the clinic of renowned fertility specialist, Dr. Lifang Liang. He has also studied the organic cultivation of Chinese herbs at the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma. He has completed…

Michelle Hirsch

Michelle Hirsch is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and Chinese Herbalist.  Prior to her studies of Chinese medicine, she spent 13 years devoted to organic farming and sustainable, community agriculture.  She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1997 with a major in Women’s Health, where she began to understand that a balanced, nutrient rich diet was the foundation to a healthy body.  She has farmed organic vegetables, flowers and herbs in Michigan, New Zealand, New Hampshire, and Northern California.

She received a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine in 2009 at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (ACCHS).  Since then she has been devoted to deepening her study of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture, with  special interest in women’s fertility and digestive issues.  Her patients are likely to receive dietary advice along with an acupuncture treatment.  Currently she is also teaching for a TCM review class, and runs a community garden in her neighborhood in Berkeley.  She is an enthusiastic cyclist, and you will often see her smiling from her bike as she peddles through the hills and streets of the Bay Area.

Ananda Emily Reese

Ananda Emily Reese is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, certified massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She first became interested in Acupuncture in high school after seeing a practitioner who helped her with asthma and allergies. After college she went on to study Massage Therapy, Yoga, Ayurveda, and eventually found her way back to Chinese Medicine. Exposure to both the Chinese and Indian models of energetic anatomy gives her a unique understanding of the channel physiology of the body, and its relationship to movement, wellness, and recovery from illness and injury. She has taught anatomy at ACCHS, and teaches regular yoga classes in the community. She lives in North Oakland with her 2 sons and loving husband.


Discover the benefits of health and healing in a community setting.  Visit us in the Temescal District of North Oakland.  We provide a variety of healing services including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Tui Na Massage. There is a $10 initial intake fee.

Current Hours:

M/Tues : 10 AM – 8 PM; W/Th 9-8
Fri & Sat: 10AM – 6PM
Sun 10 AM – 2 PM
Sliding Scale: $20-$40

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