Gabriella Biase

Gabi is a licensed acupuncturist, with a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specializes in musculoskeletal problems. She did her undergraduate study in the biomedical sciences, focusing on pre-med, which gave her a strong foundation with which to approach the alternative health field. She has had a passion for bodywork for many years, and her approach reflects her diverse study and influences. “Eastern” modalities such as tui na and acupressure, and also “western” modalities such as Alexander Technique, orthobionomy, and pilates help shape her practice. She is committed to the idea that the treatment of the whole person is the point of departure for having success with any treatment, no matter the condition that is present.

Herman Hung Mou Chen

Herman Hung Mou Chen is a California Certified Massage Therapist. (C.M.T).  Coming from Taiwan, he has always been interested in acupressure and Chinese style Tui-Na massage.  He began his formal education at ACCHS in Oakland at the end of October 2010, whilst working full time to obtain his 500-hour certification. He has formal working experience in the modalities of deep tissue, tuina, hot stones, dry wraps, Swedish and reflexology.   Since obtaining his certification, he has provided massage sessions to friends, family, and at least 40 clients per week. He has a busy practice and loves sharing the gift of these ancient techniques with others.