Year of the Snake – Auspices now In!

Come by the clinic to pick up your copy of this year’s fortunes! This is a fun and traditional way to observe the passage of time, and coordinate yourself with the energies of the year. Find your birth animal and see how it jibes with the Yin Water Snake!

All auspices are courtesy of Da Yuan Circle, a local organization promoting traditional forms of medicine, wisdom, and meditative practice.

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome 2013, Year of the Yin Water Snake

As of February 10th, we have left the Dragon behind and entered the Snake. Traditionally, the first two weeks of the New Year are spent celebrating with community, eating good food, letting go of old grudges, and setting gentle intentions for the year to come. The Snake is a creative and intelligent sign, with a decidedly internal bent to its character. A year of tremendous opportunity to explore fundamentally what makes you tick!

Do you know your Chinese animal? We will have more fun horoscopes available for your specific year at the clinic next week. Come in to say hello, and get the year started off right with a check-in and tune-up!