NEW LOCATION!!! 5255 Claremont: Right next door!

We have officially entered our 3rd incarnation!
A little history: we opened our first clinic in the Spring of 2009 (Year of the Ox), in a remote corner of the Fruitvale district of Oakland. The clinic itself was a comfy healing environment, but it was difficult to get to by public transportation, and had very little foot traffic.

In January 2011 (Year of the Tiger turning to Year of the Rabbit), we opened the doors of our original North Oakland location, on Claremont Ave, between the Temescal and Rockridge districts. Way easier to get to, better foot traffic, but still a couple of issues. Our upstairs neighbors were childrens’ occupational therapists. Wonderful work, but their office is basically a playground, and noise issues were common (patients often asked: “are they moving furniture upstairs?”). Also, the feng shui was a bit challenging, as the low ceilings gave a bit of a cave-like quality to the treatment room.

2014, Year of the Horse: we have transitioned to the best location yet.

Octagon North Oakland is now located directly next door to our former North Oakland location. If you are at our old clinic, walk approximately 30 feet to the…