Welcome Mamie Chow – Monday 4 to 8 shift

We would like to welcome Mamie Chow to the Octagon team! Mamie has been subbing at Octagon for months now, but she is starting a regular shift on Mondays, from 4 to 8.
Mamie is a wonderfully compassionate and skillful acupuncturist, who brings her natural warmth and intelligence to each of her treatments.She will happily continue ongoing treatment plans, and also help new patients understand and achieve their health goals.
Please stop in and meet her in person! Learn more about her here.

Mamie Chow

Mamie loves the depth of Chinese medicine and practices several styles of acupuncture, ranging from very gentle to stronger needling, depending on what will best support your health and needs. She places a high value on educating patients with nutrition, exercise and food medicine recommendations so that people can make healthier day-to-day choices. Mamie has been training in martial arts since 1999 and has a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In her free time, Mamie enjoys cooking, running the Oakland hills and traveling to beautiful places with her partner.