New Tai Chi Class – Wu Style Long Form

On Friday mornings, we’ll be offering ongoing instruction in the Wu style long form. This series of slow movements is widely recognized for its tremendous benefits for mind and body. Tai Ji has been proven to relieve back pain, reduce insomnia, stress and depression, and improve coordination. Join us Friday mornings, from 9 to 10 AM at our North Oakland location! Beginners always welcome. $10/class.

August Beginning Qi Gong Course

Learn to build and protect your Chi!  Qi Gong (a.k.a. Chi Kung) is an ancient form of exercise that is unparalleled in supporting lifelong health and vitality.  Sometimes called “Chinese Yoga,” these simple movements open the tendons, lubricate the joints, expand the breath, increase circulation, build energy, and open the channels accessed in therapies like acupuncture.  Taught by our own Joseph Davis, Octagon will be offering a short 4 week course on Tuesday evenings, 7 PM to 8 PM, starting August 2nd.  This course is a perfect introduction to Qi Gong for total beginners, as well as a great refresher for people with more experience.  All levels of fitness welcome, no special equipment necessary.  Space is limited, so secure your spot by registering on-line or at the clinic today.  $60.