Why "Octagon"?

How is community acupuncture different than other acupuncture?

How long will my visit take?

Will it hurt?

What are the side effects of acupuncture?

Can acupuncture and Chinese medicine help injuries heal?

Do you offer services like cupping and moxibustion?

Can I come in for a treatment if I am feeling a cold coming on?

Do you accept insurance?

Should I make an appointment, or is it okay to just drop-in when it is convenient for me?

I am interested in herbal medicine, but not acupuncture. What kind of appointment do I book?

How often will I need to come?

Is herbal medicine safe?

Is there parking?

Do I need to make an appointment with the same Licensed Acupuncturist every time?

Can I get acupuncture if I don't have a serious health issue?

Can I get acupuncture during pregnancy?

What is Proposition 65, and what does it mean if there is a warning label on herbs that I have received?