Our Clinic

The Octagon Community Acupuncture Clinic is designed to offer affordable health care to everyone in the community. We have a staff of licensed acupuncturists that are available on an appointment or drop-in basis.  You get first class care when you need it.

We treat our patients in comfortable recliners in a quiet and relaxing group setting, keeping our costs low, and our treatments affordable.   This allows us to offer you the chance to experience the power of acupuncture as it has been used in China for centuries.  We primarily use points on the extremities, so there is no need to undress. The group setting in itself is a powerful tool to facilitate healing!

High Quality Chinese Herbal Medicine is also available. Herbs are a great complement to acupuncture, extending the benefits of a treatment greatly. Herbal medicine runs from $15-$18.

Therapeutic massage (Tui Na) sessions are available most shifts, costing about $1 per minute.


Schedule Appointment – North Oakland

For visits to Octagon North Oakland, please call or use our easy on-line appointment booking tool to schedule!


“I have worked in mental health for years, most of the time without benefits... Octagon offers great preventative care! It has also helped with more urgent problems, from those that might be too minor to be diagnosed or treated with Western medicine, to more serious issues.”
~ M, 29, Mental Health Worker, Patient