Lloyd Walton

Lloyd Walton is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist and a dedicated wellness & integrated medical professional. While he has experience treating many orthopedic issues related to sports injuries and repetitive stress, he is a truly holistic practitioner, comfortable providing care for patients with many other conditions as well. He studied at the Lyon Auricular Therapy Clinic in France, where he discovered that ear acupuncture effectively manages pain, impaired mobility, and other common issues.
Lloyd has also served the community as a public school teacher here in the Bay Area. He continues to occasionally teach as a substitute instructor. Assisting in the education of the next generation of citizens is a joy and a personal priority to him.
When not in the clinic, Lloyd enjoys many different creative pursuits. Having lived a lifetime engaged in the arts, you might find him sketching with a pencil, illustrating on a digital tablet, or even reviving the classical and traditional skills of a renaissance painter.

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