Qi Gong and Tai Ji

NOTE: we are no longer offering Qi Gong or Tai Ji classes on location at the clinic.
At Octagon, we recognize that moving  your body is a crucial aspect of promoting and maintaining your health. 
Qi Gong perhaps the oldest and most widely practiced health method in the world. Of course, the fact that it comes from China, with the longest continual history and largest population, helps with the statistics!

Qi Gong is a broad term, describing any number of exercises that connect mind and body, usually with the use of breath. Generally these exercises are done relatively slowly and smoothly, so that the practitioner can really connect with the sensations of the body while doing the movements

Some Qi Gong sets are very simple, with four to ten movements done about a dozen times each. Other sets are more involved, almost like a Tai Chi long form, with little repetition. All sets aim to cultivate the vitality of the body by directly working with the Qi (energy, life-force) in the channels of the body. The beautiful thing about a well-designed qi gong set is that even if you don’t at first feel anything magical happen in the energetic channels of the body, continued practice will automatically open up these channels and increase your energy! This is because “a moving hinge never rusts, and flowing water never sours.” Just moving all the joints and lengthening the tendons of the body releases the major areas of stagnation in the body, allowing greater free flow.

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan This art is a set of no-impact, graceful, slow-motion movements. The health benefits of Tai Chi are increasingly recognized by both modern and traditional medical practitioners, developing balance, relieving chronic joint and back pain, settling the mind, and relieving stress. In this class we learn a genuine Long Form, which can serve as a foundation for health for the rest of your life!