Ozben Felek

Prior to her Chinese Medicine education, Ozben studied industrial engineering. Although she enjoyed working to optimize complex systems and processes, her career path was missing something unidentifiable. Upon her arrival to the United States, Ozben was introduced to Asian philosophies and their emphases on the human. She became an ardent student of Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, and Gong Fu Cha (traditional Chinese tea service and ceremony). Her appreciation for Eastern arts steadily deepened. After first receiving certification to practice therapeutic Tui Na massage, Ozben also completed her Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds rank of first-degree black belt in Aikido.
Ozben’s approach to acupuncture is strongly influenced by the practice of Aikido and by the approach of palpation-based acupuncture. As a noncompetitive martial art, Aikido utilizes the opponent’s force, rather than one’s own strength, to guide both sides to a safer position. Similarly, instead of fighting with disease using strong and painful needling methods, Ozben prefers a gentle needling method that helps the body find balance and restore homeostasis.

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