Community Acupuncture

We treat our patients in comfortable recliners in a quiet and relaxing group setting. keeping our costs low, and our treatments affordable. This allows us to offer you the chance to experience the power of acupuncture as it has been used in China for centuries. We primarily use points on the extremities, so there is no need to undress. The group setting in itself is a powerful tool to facilitate healing!

Although we have plenty of blankets and heat lamps, please feel free to bring any additional pillows or blankets that might help you comfortably relax. If you are sensitive to noise, please bring ear plugs as well, as we do treat in a large common room.


Schedule Appointment – North Oakland

For visits to Octagon North Oakland, please call or use our easy on-line appointment booking tool to schedule!


“It's great because I can get acupuncture at prices I can really afford. I feel like I get comparable acupuncture to what I would get if I paid much higher prices.”
~ AJ, Patient